Arsuf Kedem

Arsuf Kedem is located 17 kilometers north of Tel Aviv, near Hertzelia. Arsuf Kedem was established in 1935 north of the ancient city and fortress – Apollonia (the archeological site: "Tel Arshaf") situated on a cliff above the Mediterranean Sea. The farmers who settled in Arsuf Kedem toiled their land growing fruit and vegetables fields. Unfortunately this settlement did not become an official village, but remained sparsely inhabited.
Modern Arsuf is a small Settlement, of private homes north of Arsuf Kedem, established in 1996.
An area of 350 acres around Arsuf Kedem, between the ancient city and the modern village was declared a Nature Reserve in 2003.
We, the sons of the pioneers, are making this beautiful area a place of landscaping, ecological gardening and nature art.

Directions    map
Access to Arsuf Kedem through route no. 2.
Coming from the south – exit route no. 2 at Hof Hasharon interchance to Shefaim. Drive under the bridge. Go left at the circle after the bridge. Go right at the next circle. Immediately, after 20 meters, turn left by the sign " ארסוף קדם " . The road takes you south parallel to road no. 2. into Arsuf Kedem and the outdoor gallery.