A about the exhibition - "Sculptural Works in Three Dimensions"

This exhibition is a retrospective collection of works from the last 50 years of the artist Tanya Preminger's career. It is based on materials submitted to the committee for the Arik Einstein Prize for senior artists, which Tanya Preminger won in 2022. Additionally, the exhibition features small stone works created in 2023.

Parts 1: Small stone sculptures 2023
Works names, top to bottom, left to right: ‏Crepuscular, Union, Photon, Lock, A particle of light, Splitting.

Part 2: 51 outdoor stones sculpturers from the streets of Israel (1997-2023)

Part 3: Ecological art from around the world (2001-2023)

Part 4: Selected works from around the world (1995-2022)

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