Guided tours in Green Gallery outdoor exhibition are available by appointement.
Please call Dani Manheim at 052-3525366 to schedule and get price offers.
The tours include a stroll between the works of art, accompanied by explanations about Arsuf Kedem, about environmental art and the participating artists, and about the unique history of the place. The second part of the tour is a visit to the arboratum and stone sculptures garden in Park Dina.
Tour length: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Tour language: Hebrew / English.

What will you get?

  • An enriching walk in the most beautiful sculpture garden in Israel
  • A breath of nature within a short drive from from Tel Aviv

We maintain social distancing! The walk is in the fresh air, with masks, and 2 meters between visitors.

על הגלריה הירוקה בארסןף - מתוך "היום שהיה"- עם גיא זוהר. תערוכה אחת ביום

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