In the era of globalization and cultural influences broad artists are looking for basic truths and absolute values common to all mankind. They want to leave the boundaries of personal, individuals and reach the spiritual world and IDEA, discover the essence of the world through the basic elements of nature. Themes of life, death, freedom, time and spirit are the basic components of human consciousness and art has always faced and is facing these concepts. The materials, allegedly poor, are used by the artists as metaphors. Ground - connected to the collective consciousness of birth, mothers, innate sense of belonging. Vegetation - communicates with animals, evolution, and growth. Space - is the freedom and spirit.

As a result, the work of the Japanese artist Kei Nakamura, who grew up in the other side of the world, naturally connects to Israeli landscape. Furthermore, although Japanese food, depicted by the work of the artist, is unfamiliar to the Israeli public , the idea of food as a gift from the earth resonates easily when you see the hole in the ground following the artistic process.

Another international artist, Tzvetilina Maksimova from Bulgaria, chunks out the ground. One end rises into the sky and the other end goes into the ground, thus connecting earth to the infinite sky.

Yigal Meron raises his question to heaven, when he burns down the altar.
"And what you sacrificed was right?
And maybe I had it wrong along the way?"

Daniel Paley, as suits a young artist, argues with fixed and traditional concepts and breaks a pyramid, symbol of eternity and sustainability, in two dimensions.

Yael Kaplan moves from the digital medium to soil materials and displays soil that provides seeds, half male, half female. It is the giving of rice, the most common dish in the world, and a symbol of life energy by Far Eastern traditions.

Dani Mannheim easily draws in space the scope of a dome using agricultural pipes, thus combines the daily and practical with the spiritual and prosaic.

Tanya Preminger exhibited ground work "Crater" made in his usual style.

Curator: Tanya Preminger

Yigal Meron. "Altar".